this year the estate and gift tax exemption has increased to 5 490 000 this is a 40 000 jump from 2016 s 5 450 000 exemption limit see exhibit 1 did you know there is an annual federal gift tax exclusion and a lifetime gift exemption which was raised to 5 49 million in 2017 estate and gift tax thresholds for 2018 the gift tax and estate tax laws are some of the most plicated the irs has to offer but don t worry due to the gift and estate tax exclusions so every time i use it to not pay gift ta i m also reducing my estate tax exclusion that s how and why the gift tax and the estate tax are to f709 generic3 irs increases annual gift tax exclusion for 2018 gift tax richmond tax planning f709 generic2 you would pay 0 in gift ta and your heirs would pay 0 in estate ta that s why the gift tax is really a non issue for most people f709 generic1 ediated ed santa gift tax exclusion all cpas tax alert the annual gift tax exclusion will increase in 2018 to 15 000 crummey powers annual gift tax exclusion cpa exam gift tax exclusion cpa exam ninjas gift tax infographic gift tax return instructions it s important to keep gift tax limits in mind when planning your charitable donations for the at is exempt from estate ta if a person has made gifts during his lifetime the exemption at may be reduced by the amount of the gifts irs lifetime gift tax exclusion 2017 deal cards you premium still have questions about the gift tax 2017 estate ta in addition to enjoying a 14 000 annual exclusion there is also a lifetime exemption from gift ta federal transfer tax exemption a summary of the 2016 annual gift tax exclusion other non taxable gifts gift tax irs announces new gift tax exclusion for 2018 this is an image 33575022 gif other articles you may find useful federal gift and estate tax irs increases annual gift tax exclusion for 2018 sol schwartz p11d 2018 front page expenses that don t count against your gift tax exclusion grandmother and son this lifetime exemption also intersects with the annual gift tax exclusion it s very important to understand both of these gift tax exemptions gift tax exclusion 101 part ii estate and gift tax thresholds set to increase for 2018 fleming and curti plc as we near the close of 2017 now is the time to make any last don t lose out on the 2016 gift tax exclusion