how to contour your face in 5 easy steps makeup tutorial instyle you makeup contouring for round face contouring and highlighting the face face chart how to contour your face the right way how to contour face with makeup tips from celebrity makeup artist belinda moss if you re anything like me 1 you re a flawless person and 2 you re not so great at the subtle contour i can be bopping along in the mirror all a as the unofficial contouring guru here at refinery29 i ve tried just about every type of face sculpting out there from basic powders to how to contour a round face makeup magic lose pounds in minutes with highlighting and contouring s love to do makeup highlighting and contouring tips the highlight and contour cheat sheet contouringface makeup contouring steps woman applying light cream contour to face makeup contouring for your face shape how to contouring and highlighting step by step inforgraphic how to contour your face depending on your face shape