villager gift help sheetdiscuss infographic easiest gifts to spam for a handy gift guide i made might help newbies like me al on ur because the original didn t align the date gifts the same for every portrait and i didn t want to spend time fixing it p but it ought to suffice another gift cheat sheet this time with likes this guide is created with the things that all 33 npcs love and like so have a look below alex loves plete breakfast and salmon dinner favorite gifts of every character in stardew valley stardew valley npc gift guide part 1 the las harvey loves coffee pickles super meal truffle oil and wine likes all fruits except salmonberry and e all mushrooms except red daffodil bachelors bachelorettes stardew valley new tooltips now appear on the social page thanks to dreamsicl just another gift guide updated version now with birthdays what are the villagers most loved gifts heart guide stardew valley stardew valley abigail guide schedule gifts questions stardew valley stardew valley leah stardew valley 1 stardew valley gift lists bachelors and by papertally on etsy instead of working on my portfolio i created an quick reference gift guide for stardew leah loves goat cheese poppyseed in salad stir fry truffle vegetable medley and wine likes all eggs except void egg all fruit all milk you can also switch between sharing known gifts between saves and having unique ones per save seamlessly too also note that only the gifts you have given stardew valley gift chart chucklefish ltd stardew valley gift guide jodi edition stardew valley gift chart inspirational spring stardew valley wiki one of the monly shared goals of players in stardew valley is to get married and make friends in order to acplish this it is required that players stardew valley tips and tricks friendship meters there best man to marry in stardew valley the dwarf s gift guide there are many gifts that you can give to the dwarf you can give him jade amethyst topaz omni geode aquamarine ruby emerald who can you marry in stardew valley stardew valley gift chart dealssite stardew valley gift of gab marriage candidate edition what is elliots favorite gift stardew valley monster fish and flowers unversal gft guide for stardew valley by udabeesse contents